People alive with the blessings of sunlight.
The sunlight includes many kinds of lights but usually people can see only a few of those. They see colors of the rainbow through a drop of water.
Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue / (Indigo) / Violet
The rainbow has six or seven colors in a general way. Actually, layer of many colors makes a beautiful arc of the rainbow.
It appears in the sky after a rain.
My design motif is the rainbow for make a unique space “the entrance to the new BECaD building” . The rainbow’s colors represent a community that intermingled with
various cultures. “The Leisure of Rainbow” seven sculpture has humourous and friendlly shapes rather than a magnificent sculpture. This sculptures, the soil, the stone, the wind, the green…all of those are elements in space of “Feel Good”.
This plan has a imaginary view.
“A beautiful rainbow dropped by this space which covered with green leaves, and fell apart into seven sculpture. They take a rest at this open space with people ever since.”
Here is a place that take a body and soul’s rest. The place welcomes any patients, any staffs and any local people. They can walk around, take leisurely times and relax. Seven rainbow sculptures will always be here and sometimes they are looked at, sometimes they are audiences in events.
BECaD’s entrance was surrounded by an arc. A cylinder is BECaD’s architecture scheme. Those shapes affected sculptures “the Leisure of Rainbow” so sculptures have
reverse conic shapes. Also sculpture’s color reflected BECaD’s architecture’s color scheme. Each bottom shapes and defferent shape’s balance reveal every 7 sculpture’s
The east of the open space is paved with gravels and stones. People will be able to walk in this area. There is a truncated conic stage which made in stone on there that
accents the space. In daily life, there will be the place for rest. My proposal suppose to this stage to hold events.
I shall proposal to plant with trees that bloom fragrant flowers. a cherry blossom, an apple tree, a rose, a narcissus, a lily, a lavender, a thyme… people will notice their fragrance and look at back this area. Then, people will may feel at ease.
Seven light are in green space. They changes their expression by sunlight, day by day. Every hour sunlight will changes color. That process like tide. Every soft breeze will rustle through the trees in this space. These nature’s element will make brilliant time and space for the people. So my proposal makes great harmony among environment and people. One sculpture appear clearly and other is half hidden among the trees. A series of appearance like that, those are opportunity for the people to imagine any thing like.
London UK
BECaD Sculpture International Competition  Second Prize